The A, B & C of Graduation

Graduation is not a big deal these days. You’ll get graduates all around you without even having to ask. Out of them ‘engineering’ seems to be the most common of them all. Engineering it seems; is like finding a pastry in cake shop; easy as you like. Finding an engineer these days is like finding a beach in Konkan; you’d find them in a jiffy. They ain’t wrong when they say it’s like a production factory out there. They produce engineers of all types & quality.

So consider Mr. A, Mr. B & Mr. C; all of them are engineers from a decent college/university. At the end of the 4 years Mr. A knows a lil about engineering & has a father with great contacts (father is just a symbolic term used). Mr. B barely made it through the 4 years but he too has his ‘Godfather’ so to say. Then we come to Mr. C who has his basics right but hardly any contacts at all. During the 4 years of graduation all of them were good friends & the contacts part didn’t really matter. So then why do you need contacts? Well, unless you were born just yesterday, everyone knows this for a fact that you need contacts to get a job. (Note: We ain’t even looking at Mr. D of engineering who knows nothing & has no contacts because well, it’s beyond hopeless.)

So today, Mr. A works in a MNC because he kind of deserves it right? Basics clear plus strong contacts, bingo! Mr. B can have 2 really interesting cases. One, he works in a more than decent company earning what you’d call more than he really deserves; or two, he’s probably working in his father’s/ uncle’s company employing people like Mr. A, B & C. Center stage Mr. C, a guy with a talent & the aptitude to do something good with life is stuck up in a wormhole of finding a job or starting a business. (Just to clarify Mr. C cannot be a rich guy with no contacts, because it’s just not possible). So Mr. C has his struggle cut out for him right away. Registering on the so called 100% guaranteed job sites with lakhs of jobs on offer, sending his CV to almost everyone he knows & applying to absolutely any job he comes across which is remotely related to his field. And this is just the half of his struggle mind you.


Finding a job might seem really easy today because the sites show at least 1000s of jobs, don’t they? But being a fresher with no great contacts is next to a crime since everyone wants experienced people working for them but nobody is ready to give experience to the freshers out there. Unless you want to get in the IT sector where they take graduates from any stream. So what does Mr. C do? Start looking & start working anywhere you get a chance with a blind eye towards the salary. Yeah! That’s the solution. Forget what you like, what & where you aim to be. Keep working with the hope that things will fall in place. Add 3-4 years to the struggling life you reach 26-27 years of age & are considered a waste if you don’t earn a certain amount of money. Forget the society too, but our Mr. C starts feeling angry & useless at the same time. Now take a broader look at the situation & you’ll realize that graduation is never enough these days. What you need at least a PG with a whole lotta experience or a Ph.D. would be icing on the cake. But how does our Mr. C get there? “Sherlock Holmes alert!” I’d say.



Although I’ve talked about engineering, I wonder how many of other science, arts or commerce graduates can relate to this. Many of them I suppose.

One fine day Mr. A rings up Mr. B to plan for a reunion of their trio to which B agrees in an instant. Mr. A then calls up Mr. C. The phone is ringing, which guy will receive the call? The successful guy who fought against all odds to achieve his goals or the one who is still struggling to gather money to buy a house?

All of us hope for the former Mr. C who is a hero, but is being that Mr. C easy or even practical? So is Mr. C facing this problem because he is incompetent or because the entire system itself is flawed? A question to ponder upon. Do comment & share if you like.

– Tyler

2 thoughts on “The A, B & C of Graduation

    1. There’s nothing wrong in IT. But there are numerous jobs in IT sector which recruit graduates from almost any stream. So people opting for or working in IT sector may not face these problems. Thats all.


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