Its high time I suppose that I justify the name of my page which says gadgetworld & ‘poetry’. I have written about gadgets & so now is the time to refresh you all with some poetry.

This poem of mine sheds light on one of the most beautiful & heart warming seasons i.e. Autumn. All of us love autumn for its amazing colours & the vibe it spreads all around us. But is there something more to it?




It’s ironic that autumn is beautiful yet everything is dying..

Life dies and people make it seem as a romantic fling..

Things change for ever & everyone just ignores that part,

Someone sheds their beloved & it doesn’t even seem hard…

Autumn makes for an amazing scene,

All at the expense of the living..

Analogous to life it seems when she turns her back,

Summer turns into autumn, her feelings suddenly change tracks,

Autumn is a sure shot season,

The change in her feelings, well they don’t need a reason..

You thought she was your path to Euphoria,

Life makes a fool out of you signaling the hamartia..

That one special relation you had was just a fallacy,

Your greatest fantasy turned out to be a tragedy..

You gave out your innermost feelings,

Autumn knocked you cold when you hoped for the Spring..

Trying ever so hard to hold onto your leaves,

She’s makes it harder when she gets lost in her own glee…

It’s impossible to let go off her after all this,

Cz you’ve lost all that you ever had to give,

You lost your heart in hope of that one special kiss,

Times changed like seasons & everything went amiss..

You end up like a tree old & forgotten,

Autumn gets the best of you, the love you thot; never happened..

4 seasons,

3 words,

2 hearts

1 lost love..

Autumn.. A funny old thing…

– rhymes of a wayfarer

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