One Chance


Today’s ping-back to ‘dailyprompt‘ talks about replacement. It’s an earnest request to the girl. It’s a cry out for a ‘replacement’. Here it goes…



Give me one chance to be with you girl,

One chance to stir your emotions and create a swirl…

Give me one chance to be by your side,

It’ll be a rush of pink & an unforgettable ride..!

My talks coupled with your blushes,

Starting from a simple hug to pecks & kisses,

I’ll make you feel like special like no one has till date,

I’ll give you memories to cherish till your last breath..!

A romantic dialogue here, a sweet gesture there,

It’ll be special for sure if not the grandest affair…

Give me one chance to prove my mettle,

One chance to show you that my love ain’t brittle..!

Give me one chance to make you realize that we both are elite,

One chance to show that the guy you love is not so sweet..!

Give me a chance to show you I’m different,

One chance to show you that courtesy & chivalry can be inherent..!

Give me a shot to win over your heart,

One chance to make you believe we won’t ever stand apart..!

Give me one chance to show my loyalty,

One chance to be with you & experience the beauty..!

Give me one chance to overturn this tricky tide,

One chance to prove that our relation is ‘Perfection Personified’..!

It’s not just a poem but my vengeance..!!

I’ll make you fall in love with me girl..! Give me one chance… just one..!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

Your insights are always appreciated.


A Journey – Part 1

Today I am starting with a series of poems titled “A Journey” wherein we’ll go through the stages of knowing a person. We will see how the feelings of a guy change for a girl as time passes by. I won’t spill out any more details but would just like to urge you to stay tuned, because I’m sure you would love this ‘journey’.

First Sight

When I saw her without any makeup, jewels or any fancy clothes,

It was magical, truly magical…

It made me rub my eyes & my jaw drop,

Because she didn’t need all those to make her stand out from the rest,

Her elegance, her charm & most of all her gorgeous eyes,

They shone the brightest..!

Everything else dimmed & she emerged as the most simple & beautiful gal I had ever seen…

She defined ‘beauty’..!

On top of all this, her smile was the one to die for,

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her,

Yes, she left me dumbfounded..!

It’s not that I hadn’t seen a beautiful gal before,

But she, she was different,

Different in a very subtle & charming way..

She gave me butterflies; she made me go ‘wow’..!

My feelings for her defined ‘love’..!

She was ‘special’..!

I knew this was the beginning of a story,

Nah, not just any story but a ‘love story’..!

When I saw her that day, I knew my mind was gonna be filled with her thoughts,

I knew my heart was gonna be captivated,

I knew I had fallen for this gal..!!


– rhymes of a wayfarer




Daily Prompt: Someday

A heartfelt lover waiting for his love.. waiting for that special yet delusional day..



Someday you will knock my door & say “I’m sorry, will you be mine?”

Just like I knocked yours all the time…

Someday you will crave for a silent walk with me,

A soulful walk with someone you never wanted to be..!

Someday you will wish for a romantic date with me,

The day you’ll regret saying, “He is not made for me.!”

Someday you will feel lonely & sad when you look back,

The way I cried, my heart bled, & the world seemed black…

Someday you’ll want to say those 3 magical words to me,

The day you’ll feel the hurricane of emotions which never let me free..!

Someday you’ll crave for those stupid jokes & nonsense,

The things which you deserted from; by building a fence…

Someday you’ll realize a guy doesn’t need to have the riches,

His love, affection & support can fill up all the voids & niches…

Someday you will understand that,

“It’s easy to love someone but very difficult to get love from the one you love..!”

Yup, someday you will be in the same place where I was,

You’ll return to that place & come to terms with your loss…

With all said & done I wish that ‘someday’ shouldn’t come in your life,

Because this idiot guy can’t see tears in your eyes..!

Little did I know someday all this would transpire,

You abandoned me & life went haywire..!

Someday these tears will dry off,

This heart will heal,

These feelings will vaporize,

This love will be lost amidst the skies..!


– rhymes of a wayfarer

Maybe all of us are waiting for something…

A Writer

All the different arts in the world stand out in their unique ways & artists have mesmerised people since ages. This poem is a toast to all the word artists and a glimpse of what I have experienced since I started to pen down my thoughts.


A Writer

He didn’t have to travel too far,

His imagination took him to places..

He didn’t have to scream to make people cry,

His soulful words wrenched their hearts..

He didn’t always compliment someone formally,

For his rhymes made ’em smile seamlessly..

He didn’t always shout to be heard,

His thoughts painted his agony as true as it could be..

He dared to write & to be criticised,

For then he’d know, pen could really be mightier than a sword..

He couldn’t make handcrafted, artistic gifts,

Nor could he draw those amazing stills,

Or design some jaw-dropping structures,

All he could do was weave some words together & strike chords with the readers..

He’d paint reality as vivid as a rainbow,

And represent fiction good enough to make some hearts beat slow..

He was shy to come up with party moves,

And to sing a song to light up the evening,

But he’d always raise a toast,

Or build the aura with his own magic of words..

He was as tough as he was delicate,

Shy as well as brave,

At times purely blunt or suddenly a romantic chap..

Whenever he found himself on his own,

His passion inspired him to play with words & go airborne..

With his first poem something new had begun,

Destiny smiled upon him and a writer was born.!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

What’s your story?

The Perfect Smartphone?

Smartphones have redefined our lives in almost every way possible. Right from the way we used to communicate, click and share pictures and special moments & travelling to even the minutest things like deciding where to eat, what to play and how to interact with people around us. All of us give a considerable amount of thought before buying our beloved Smartphone and more or less we buy the best device within our budget.

Even though the world is a huge place, some phones do stand out for their innovative designs, cameras, display quality, audio-visual experiences and so on. So which phone can be called as the perfect one? Read along to know my take on this.

As I have mentioned in my very 1st blog, that the hybrid SIM slot tweak has indeed taken away our basic needs and has ruined the futuristic approach as far as I think (and some of you have seconded me on this). Apart from the hybrid slots, I really wonder how people spend 30k to 60k on the so-called flagship phones which have just a single SIM and a ‘no memory expansion’ slot either. I mean come on! With image and video qualities improving exponentially as well as their sizes how can a middle-aged person survive with just 16 and 32 gigs of space in a Smartphone? Do you travel along with a portable HDD every time? Or spend time frequently moving your media to the HDD? Or keep on deleting stuff every time you see a ‘storage space running out’ error? Or the most hilarious part, you restrict yourself to minimum photography and songs download? No offence intended.


Moving on, these 30-60k devices flatter us and at times fool us by advertising their camera, the pressure sensitive displays, the curved screens & replaceable mods as being something out of this world! Even though they are advances in technology and something to be shelled money for, there are always better or alternate options of other brands at an affordable cost and almost the same quality. (I agree pressure sensitive displays and curved screens are yet to be main-stream but yeah do they justify the 60k & above price tag?)

Not long ago, dual camera lens setup took mobile photography to whole new level! Some companies made a fortune out of it by selling such devices for more than 40k. And now just like 3GB ram has become an everyday feature, the dual camera setup has made its way into a certain sub 15k handset as well. Cheers to that! Further, the AMOLED, Super AMOLED, retina HD etc displays which were introduced in very high price range devices now find themselves in budget phones too. (Retina HD being an exception for the time being.) RAM enables us to multitask and this being such a fast paced generation you simply cannot put mediocre 1 & 2 gigs of RAM in a 20k device, let alone the flagships! Here’s the best part, the processor! Even today there are phones of top-notch brands which have mid-range processors like the Snapdragon™ 430 & 625 at more than 15k and 25k respectively whereas there are numerous companies offering the flagship Snapdragon™ 820 and the powerful Snapdragon™ 652/650 chips in sub 20k phones! Hilarious!

While there are about 4-5 handsets to ‘die for‘ or to put it mildly, phones really worth shelling 30k for, all the others are considerable sacrifices in aspects like RAM, storage features, SIM slots, processing & gaming capabilities, camera qualities and of course probably the most important value for money!

A Smartphone really needs to be a package of reasonably good camera, processor, storage options, RAM, display & audio-video experience making it a value for money device no matter which company makes it. (I haven’t spoken about after sales services and durability over here, but as we all would agree these 2 matter as well.) So ask the experts before falling prey to the misleading advertisements.

There are about 3, 2, 1 and 3 handsets (approx.) in the sub 15k, 20k, 30k and above 30k price segments which are close to perfect (According to me). While almost all of the manufacturers never make a perfect Smartphone and probably never will, all of us will continue buying handsets in the future.
The question still hovers over us, which is the perfect Smartphone? None!
Can you buy a perfect Smartphone? Yes! A perfect Smartphone ‘for you’!

– Tyler



All of us feel intense emotions sometimes and some of us; all the times no matter what it is.. anger..sorrow or euphoria..! There are tons of write-ups describing all these emotions in various forms. So is this is something different?



Nothing is as powerful as silence..
Speechlessness says a lot more than words..
The feelings of utter sorrow or sheer happiness,
Can’t always be put into words,
When you’re too overjoyed or too broken to even stand up,
Silence plays its part..
When two people share silence,
There’s something special about it,
It’s like a magical aura with a silver lining to it..
You can get happy in a jiffy or so broke that you start to cry,
Silence is a magician who pulls its tricks right in front of your eye..
It has its own set of powers one may say,
It’s like a dark knight who has seemingly disappeared but never goes away..
What do you do then? If words aren’t on your side?
In gestures & actions you can confide..
A tight hug,
A sweet smile,
A short peck,
Or a helping hand to clear the wreck..
You hug them when the fire is too hot to handle,
You hold their hand, when your fingers start to tremble..
That small passage of silence overpowers you for a while,
You stay there amazed & unruffled,
Your eyes do the talking while your mind goes for a shuffle…
Silence is deceptive as well,
It doesn’t always show you what you’re supposed to see,
It makes you think twice about the one next to you,
Forget others, it makes you take a second look at the person within you..
But once you embrace this silence,
It becomes your ally,
A friend in times of turmoil,
A friend helping you in more than a few ways,
A friend giving you solace..!
It has an impact so beautiful & so immense,
Which makes you believe that nothing is as powerful as silence..!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

How do you interpret silence?