All of us feel intense emotions sometimes and some of us; all the times no matter what it is.. anger..sorrow or euphoria..! There are tons of write-ups describing all these emotions in various forms. So is this is something different?



Nothing is as powerful as silence..
Speechlessness says a lot more than words..
The feelings of utter sorrow or sheer happiness,
Can’t always be put into words,
When you’re too overjoyed or too broken to even stand up,
Silence plays its part..
When two people share silence,
There’s something special about it,
It’s like a magical aura with a silver lining to it..
You can get happy in a jiffy or so broke that you start to cry,
Silence is a magician who pulls its tricks right in front of your eye..
It has its own set of powers one may say,
It’s like a dark knight who has seemingly disappeared but never goes away..
What do you do then? If words aren’t on your side?
In gestures & actions you can confide..
A tight hug,
A sweet smile,
A short peck,
Or a helping hand to clear the wreck..
You hug them when the fire is too hot to handle,
You hold their hand, when your fingers start to tremble..
That small passage of silence overpowers you for a while,
You stay there amazed & unruffled,
Your eyes do the talking while your mind goes for a shuffle…
Silence is deceptive as well,
It doesn’t always show you what you’re supposed to see,
It makes you think twice about the one next to you,
Forget others, it makes you take a second look at the person within you..
But once you embrace this silence,
It becomes your ally,
A friend in times of turmoil,
A friend helping you in more than a few ways,
A friend giving you solace..!
It has an impact so beautiful & so immense,
Which makes you believe that nothing is as powerful as silence..!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

How do you interpret silence?

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