Daily Prompt: Someday

A heartfelt lover waiting for his love.. waiting for that special yet delusional day..



Someday you will knock my door & say “I’m sorry, will you be mine?”

Just like I knocked yours all the time…

Someday you will crave for a silent walk with me,

A soulful walk with someone you never wanted to be..!

Someday you will wish for a romantic date with me,

The day you’ll regret saying, “He is not made for me.!”

Someday you will feel lonely & sad when you look back,

The way I cried, my heart bled, & the world seemed black…

Someday you’ll want to say those 3 magical words to me,

The day you’ll feel the hurricane of emotions which never let me free..!

Someday you’ll crave for those stupid jokes & nonsense,

The things which you deserted from; by building a fence…

Someday you’ll realize a guy doesn’t need to have the riches,

His love, affection & support can fill up all the voids & niches…

Someday you will understand that,

“It’s easy to love someone but very difficult to get love from the one you love..!”

Yup, someday you will be in the same place where I was,

You’ll return to that place & come to terms with your loss…

With all said & done I wish that ‘someday’ shouldn’t come in your life,

Because this idiot guy can’t see tears in your eyes..!

Little did I know someday all this would transpire,

You abandoned me & life went haywire..!

Someday these tears will dry off,

This heart will heal,

These feelings will vaporize,

This love will be lost amidst the skies..!


– rhymes of a wayfarer

Maybe all of us are waiting for something…

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