A Journey – Part 1

Hello peeps!

Today I am starting with a series of poems titled “A Journey” wherein we’ll go through the stages of knowing a person. We will see how the feelings of a guy change for a girl as time passes by. I won’t spill out any more details but would just like to urge you to stay tuned, because I’m sure you would love this ‘journey’.

First Sight

When I saw her without any makeup, jewels or any fancy clothes,

It was magical, truly magical…

It made me rub my eyes & my jaw drop,

Because she didn’t need all those to make her stand out from the rest,

Her elegance, her charm & most of all her gorgeous eyes,

They shone the brightest..!

Everything else dimmed & she emerged as the most simple & beautiful gal I had ever seen…

She defined ‘beauty’..!

On top of all this, her smile was the one to die for,

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her,

Yes, she left me dumbfounded..!

It’s not that I hadn’t seen a beautiful gal before,

But she, she was different,

Different in a very subtle & charming way..

She gave me butterflies; she made me go ‘wow’..!

My feelings for her defined ‘love’..!

She was ‘special’..!

I knew this was the beginning of a story,

Nah, not just any story but a ‘love story’..!

When I saw her that day, I knew my mind was gonna be filled with her thoughts,

I knew my heart was gonna be captivated,

I knew I had fallen for this gal..!!


– Chinmay Bapat


If you like what you read, do share this article and my page with your friends and in your groups on social media. I’d be glad to know your thoughts on this. Like I said, stay tuned for next one in line.



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