A Journey -Part 2

As you might have gone through the 1st part of this ‘journey’ wherein a guy almost falls in love with a girl at first sight, I assume it must have brought back memories of your first love or first crush. Such stories are rare these days but surely aren’t extinct. Love truly can surprise everyone. So moving on further, in this poem we see how their relation has developed so far.


A Week

It’s just been a week & we don’t talk,

Just a week has changed a lot…

A week has overpowered a bond,

Those memorable days seem far & beyond…

Just a week has created a rift,

A bond now shadowed by fog & mist…

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other’s laughter,

A short while has changed “together” to “to get her”…

It’s been days since we’ve made each other smile…

But not even a single day where we’ve not made each other cry…

It’s been hardly a minute since I’ve missed you,

Staring at your photos all the time, is all I do…

Those video clips, they instantly bring out a flood of tears,

Looking at you, I feel life’s worth & get rid of all my fears…

It’s been a while since I’ve felt your touch,

A touch which overpowered my senses & enchanted my heart,

A touch made of sheer care & affection,

At times composed of simple notoriety & that devilish hint,

Nevertheless a touch which took my breath away…

It’s been a week & it seems you’ve forgotten us,

It’s really tough girl, forgetting you is extremely arduous…

Come back & prove that a mere week can’t overshadow an infinite bond,

A week can’t nullify the love we found,

A week can’t separate you from me,

A week can’t change what was promised to be…

It’s been a week girl, I ain’t myself, and I’m fascinated by none,

It’s been a week where time hasn’t frozen..!

It’s been a week I haven’t felt my heart beat,

Because it’s been a week since our last meet…!

It’s been a week… An infinitely ephemeral week….

– rhymes of a wayfarer

PS: A week doesn’t imply 7 days after he saw her. It just shows the situation at a point in time where they haven’t conversed for a week.

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