She Said…

S/he Said

This poem sheds light on a very desperate & lonely time in a guy’s life where just cannot get over his heartbreak/love. No matter what he has done, she has not come to him & he has been longing for her love.


You Said

You said that we would be in touch,

You said we would be friends forever,

And that we would meet at least once in a year…

You said that you valued our relation,

And we shared a special connection..

You said that we would share our smiles & sorrows…

That you would always remember me & never let go..!

I believed in every word you said…

I guess that was that my mistake,

Because you didn’t keep your word,

You turned a deaf ear & my cries went unheard..!

But I still forgive you because I can’t be angry on you,

I still respect you & I have faith in you,

I still care for you because I love you..!

Please come back to me girl,

Show me that I was right to trust you,

Show me that you meant everything you said,

Show the world you ain’t a liar..!

Because I know you’re not…

We are not ‘just’ friends; we never were & never will be,

Because there’s something more between us,

The moment our eyes met, it struck me like a dart,

“Go get her boy!” said my heart.

The moment I realized I’ve fallen for you,

I promised myself to live my life only for you,

To love you like no one else,

To make ‘you’ my essence..!

Nothing hurts more than broken promises,

A heart once broken is almost impossible to mend..

I’m keeping my promises that I gave you girl,

I’m still your crazy lover.!

And no matter what happens this craze for you will remain forever..!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

Are promises meant to be broken?

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