A Journey – Part 3

So in this journey of love so far, a guy has fallen head over heels for a girl he met. They have shared some beautiful memories & now have built a special bond. In this poem you will realise that not only the guy but also the girl has kind of fallen for him. Since she hasn’t said it out clearly, the guy (and so do we) assume that she likes him too. Their journey has come 3 months from day 1. So the boy has decided to write something special to mark this occasion.



3 Months

3 months is too short they say..

But in that time..

A blush has gone from baby pink to strawberry red..

A blush quite rare is now an everyday affair..

A random smirk has become a beautiful smile..

Yet 3 months have changed the reason behind it..

A smile with more of happiness from within..

A smile which just doesn’t stop once it sets in..

A random chat has turned to everyday conversations..

A random girl now a great friend of a random guy,

Genuine thoughts & opinions have replaced those formal talks,

Awkwardness has gone out of the window,

Sparks of madness, notoriety & love have flown in..

A quiet girl now talks on for hours,

Once a carefree guy; now notices every detail about her & her words..

Peculiar taunts & special gestures are now part of this special bond,

The girl & the guy rhyme together to make a beautiful song..!

A random guy now makes a that girl blush like nobody else..

A random acquaintance is now a beginning of something,

Something which has begun to take a beautiful shape,

Something which is gonna be worthwhile,

Something which will be remembered..


3 months have seemingly connected 2 sweet people forever..

And 3 months is too short they say..

I don’t know why..

– rhymes of a wayfarer

So you see how times change and feelings grow exponentially. It’s simply the magic of love.

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