A Journey – Denouement

There are numerous stories where a guy meets a girl & something starts off without the end/consequence in sight, which is quite thrilling at times! The ending of the last poem was “Who knows whether their journey is nearing its end; where the bubble finally breaks for the guy or whether it has just started to unravel its beauty.”

Today, we reach the denouement of the series i.e. the conclusion.

Me, Her & Destiny

I lost the one I could be the most frank with,

The one my demons could dance with..

Maybe I was too stupid for us to be ‘we’,

Or maybe I lost her to destiny…

It was always fun with her, like wild old spree,

We’d blabber utter nonsense & laugh so easily..

She shot me arrows as straight as they could be,

I dodged one or two, but no one is perfect you see..

She’d strike me as awesome as anything I’d ever seen,

Her intriguing mind was the eeriest place I’d ever been..

It was like a magic trick, the way she’d talk to me,

Some random girl suddenly became a habit when she started to amaze me..

Every day I managed to be caught in her best trick – riddling,

As if she had it planned, to surprise me & keep me guessing..!

Times flew past when we’d chat,

She’d blush then in 2 seconds flat..!

Exciting it was, a rush of adrenaline,

To see her go pink & her eyes saying, “You win!”

Whatever I’d say the curve would set in,

Add some more sweetness, viola! The cheeks went pink..!

Increasingly restless I was,

Absolutely stubborn she’d been,

Wanting to get closer,

But reluctant she seemed..

Destiny they say, is a funny thing,

You love it when it’s on your side & things are happening,

But when it changes sides & the love turns into flare,

It becomes your worst nightmare..

I shouldn’t have been naïve,

Shouldn’t have been so vulnerable,

I should have seen it coming,

Should have just let her be my best ever feeling..!

She talked to me & it clicked, it was serendipity,

I hurt her & ruined all of it, it was tragedy,

I guess I was too stupid for us to be ‘we’,

Or indeed, I lost her to destiny..!!

– rhymes of a wayfarer


That’s how the saga reached its conclusion. Destiny played its part; the bubble finally broke & everything fell apart almost as if it was a dream! Of course there could have been different paths of this journey but this is how it went this time.


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