Elixir: Love


Today’s ‘dailyprompt’ deals with “Elixir”. An elixir as we know is a sort of magical or a medicinal potion or a solution which pacifies our problems and heals our wounds. It’s the sort of thing everyone longs for in their lives. An elixir can be anything from a gem of a friend, a loving mother, a great teacher to a caring sibling & most of all true love! All of us have our own elixirs. Some of us have found it while some of us are still in the quest.

This poem propagates the thoughts on one such elixir.

Anita Krizzan quote elixir

Your Love

Your love warms me like my favorite morning tea,

It comforts me like water pacifies the thirsty,

It is a blessing for me like an oasis in the desert heat…

Your love supports me like the roots support a tree,

It assures me that you & I are meant to be..!

Your love surprises me like ice cream does it for a kid,

It amazes me like a wizard with his trick..!

Your love overpowers my sorrows & sustains my smile,

It runs thru’ my veins just as Egypt is covered by the Nile..!

Your love is like an elixir which people long for; it’s one of a kind,

It completes my life, fulfils my dreams & captivates my mind..!

Your love epitomizes real beauty,

It enchants me like the depths of the deep blue sea..!

Your love refreshes 24×7 just as the sun brings a new morning,

It is the dictionary of love, giving my life it’s meaning..!

Your love is nothing but a blessing,

It makes me feel lucky that you have my back in everything..!

Your love crosses all boundaries & wins the battles with me,

It keeps us together & sets our hearts free…

Your love makes me believe that I was born for you,

It has strengthened my belief that love can be forever & true..!

What more can I say? Let’s just say,

Your love is like the things which happen ‘once’ in a lifetime..!

– rhymes of a wayfarer

I hope ‘you’ find your elixir pretty soon!


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