Desire: One Chance


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Today’s ‘dailyprompt‘ is about desire. Desire is a word with such a deep meaning I believe. At times it really shows us the characters of the people we deal with day in day out. Desires can range from infinity to infinity and obviously can be endless.

Love and desires have a close relation I feel. This poem shows us the desires of a boy madly in love with a girl. Is his love one-sided? Does the girl love/like him but hasn’t yet confessed? Or is there some twist in the tale? Read on to find out. Happy reading!


Give me one chance to be with you gal,

One chance to stir your emotions and create a swirl…

Give me one chance to be by your side,

It’ll be a rush of pink & an unforgettable ride..!

My talks coupled with your blushes,

Starting from a simple hug to pecks & kisses,

I’ll make you feel like special like no one has till date,

I’ll give you memories to cherish till your last breath..!

A romantic dialogue here, a sweet gesture there,

It’ll be special for sure if not the grandest affair…

Give me one chance to prove my mettle,

One chance to show you that my love ain’t brittle..!

Give me one chance to make you realize that we both are elite,

One chance to show that the guy you love is not so sweet..!

Give me a chance to show you I’m different,

One chance to show you that courtesy & chivalry can be inherent..!

Give me a shot to win over your heart,

One chance to make you believe we won’t ever stand apart..!

Give me one chance to show my loyalty,

One chance to be with you & experience the beauty..!

Give me one chance to overturn this tricky tide,

One chance to prove that our relation is ‘Perfection Personified’..!!

It’s not just a poem but my vengeance..!!

I’ll make you fall in love with me gal..! Give me one chance… just one..!!

– Chinmay Bapat


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So that’s his desire; getting a fair chance. In love, desires often lead to expectations. But then I believe if you don’t dream big enough you’ll miss out on the great rewards too!

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