Think Again: Moved On

Think Again

Another ‘dailyprompt’ leading to another one of my poems. I feel this particular poem is relatable to most of us millennials who find it difficult at times to maintain relationships and getting over them after all is said and done. There’s always to those silent tears and those loud cries of agony, anger and frustration. While some of us do get over things quickly, others have a hard time.

Moved On

It’s time now.. I’ve stopped thinking about you,

Those dazzling eyes & that mesmerizing smile…

I’ve stopped thinking about the days when we were together,

When I was your crazy lover..!

I’ve moved on from those vibrant & soulful eves,

You were just a fantasy is what my mind conceives..

I’ve stopped being overly proud & bragging about things which I did for you,

Because there’s no need to show-off when your love is true..!

Those love songs captured my mind & its ‘you’, who struck my mind,

I was invariably caught in loving you, almost blind..!

I’ve moved on from the questions like, “Does she love me or just like me..?”

Because life is so much more than just you & me..!

I wanna experience the moments which will take my breath away,

Wanna travel the world till my hair turn grey..!

It’s a quest for a new sunrise, a new beginning,

It’s time to give my life a new meaning..!

I thank you for making my life so very wonderful,

Our times together were pretty damn cool..!!

If you ever wanna talk to me, call me don’t hesitate,

We aren’t enemies my dear, it’s just fate..!

Sometimes when your images flash in front of me,

I wonder why ‘You & Me’ were never meant to be..!

So sometimes I think in the face of dawn,

“Have I really moved on..??”


– rhymes of a wayfarer

Moving on is at times a really tough and deceptive task. You never know what exactly will get your boat past this rush of emotions and bring you to the shore.


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