Daily Prompt: Sentimental – Melancholy


All of us fall in love, suffer from a heartbreak, drown in sorrow, learn, rise up & move ahead with life with a greater strength, albeit with memories & broken dreams.


Memories of a Melancholy

Years passed,

He had a wife and a kid,

Yet when his friend uttered her name,

His heart broke all over again..!


He ran all the way home from the cafe,

Fumbled thru his cupboard for it,

He knew he’d hidden it away for good,

For he never wanted his past to haunt him,

He never dreamt of being so desperate to find it again..


His friend brought up her name out of nowhere,

All those memories blurred his mind,

Increasingly restless he couldn’t wait anymore..

Just then a box fell down & his heart skipped a beat..

It fell, opened & the ring rolled out..

Broke but frenzied, his quest continued..

“What if I’ve put it away for good?” He thought.


Carefully he unfolded his old clothes,

Viola! There it was, soiled but glowing..

He opened the silver box & took out her photo..

His heart bled & his eyes cried a million tears..

He’d vowed never to hurt himself this way,

But her name & the urge won over..


Her photo, her pendant & his letter..

The precious things which reminded him of her..

Things which he had locked away & seemingly forgotten..

He’d promised his wife never to fall back into it..

Zoned out, he unfolded the letter & the ocean of words engulfed him..

Drenched in the downpour of love thru the slew of poems..

Every single one intensified his agony..



Distraught, his eyes fell upon their photo,

The best day they had spent together,

The best frame wherein they were pictured together..

Her smile still gave him butterflies,

Her look still touched his soul..

Those memories overpowered his senses..

Luckily the thud on the door knocked them back in..


He packed everything delicately,

Washed the tears off his face,

He hugged his friend, who came up the stairs,

Smiling on the outside & weeping from within..

The letter & the ring lay in his pocket silently..

The failed proposal, his greatest ever melancholy..

– rhymes of a wayfarer

So that’s how he was left beautifully shattered.