Before We Go


Inspiration is all that a writer or a poet needs to string those numerous thoughts and words together and churn out a what he would call a good composition. “Inspiration” is what leads to the kind of stories most of us die-hard romantics dream about, or even for that matter anyone of us would love to experience at least once.

Before We Go

What made her special, he didn’t really know,

He simply went with the flow..

Everything she’d say was gold,

All of his intrigues she seemed to hold..

She startled him with her antics,

He always had to be with his wits,

Nothing short of a quest it was,

Whether she’d keep it,

Or whether he’d win her heart..

Enchanted by her suave, he’d never squander an opportunity to meet her,

Every time she laughed, life seemed brighter..

She wasn’t your ordinary girl,

She was shy yet passionate,

Funny yet considerate..

Subtle yet intense,

Naughty but silver lined with innocence..

“Spurious or cromulent?”

“Is this sheer love or just an embellishment?” He thought..

As the days passed, that thought faded away,

When she smiled at him, he wished those moments would stay..

He dared to hold her hand,

Stare into her ocean eyes when they met,

For a while they shared the same breath..

As soon as she tried to escape,

He whispered, “Please, wait.”

They celebrated the night together,

Getting akin to each other’s thoughts; both wild & sober..


The sunset & midnight strengthened their bond,

He made her feel cozy & made her heart pound..

He lost himself completely,

Drenched in those moments he had an epiphany,

“What if this isn’t forever?” she asked.

“Momentarily or forever, I’ll always be your lover.”

Just as the sun glistened her chiseled face enough to glow,

His grip loosened but she smiled and said,

“For now, let’s enjoy this a little while longer, before we go”

–┬árhymes of a wayfarer

It is partly inspired from a movie sharing the same title as my poem and partly from my own thoughts.