Become a poet.!

Every time that I read your poems, I feel that you should become a poet. You have a wonderful grip over words and I’m mesmerised by your writing. The way you express yourself; I always tend to think of me being in the situations you write about. These days you’ve started writing blogs, some of which I have read. They contain very good, updated & really useful information. You know very well how to catch an eye through your writing and you’ve always managed to catch my eye! I think you should start writing more in Marathi as well. I’d love to read your Marathi poems too!

Also keep writing such incredible & unique poems & keep posting them for us to read. I hope you achieve great success in this field & become a full-fledged writer/poet in the years to come! All the best!

– Siddhida Dixit

(Athlete, Swimmer)


Unique topics & awesome poems..!

I really like reading your blogs….the topics you choose are very nice, and I am glad, you thought that these topics are worth throwing light on….
Keep writing on such unique topics…and not to forget, your awesome poems! 🙂

– Reemanca Kalghatkar


Emotional, soothing & informative!

Your poems are really good. The words you use are very beautiful and they show admirable sentiments. Such subtle emotions in so less words! You can easily touch anyone’s heart. One of the most romantic first sight poems I have ever read. I always enjoy reading your poems and they always soothe my mind. It’s good to read someone else’s written emotions when you cannot pen them down. Also, I love your blogs. They contain updated facts and written after a great thought process which reflect your inputs. I hope to keep reading your blogs forever. So please keep on writing and inspiring us.!

– Avishkar Ghogare

(Artist, Engineer)

A little something beyond words..

I have been reading your poems from a long time now and every time I read something new it somehow related to everything that goes on in my life. Your poems say all the different things that go on in my mind in different situations that I probably won’t be able to express in words. So yes! You are getting better at reading minds. I hope you keep writing forever and I will keep finding words to understand how I feel through your poems. So I hope your journey gets better in the coming days and make you who you always wanted to be. Keep writing..!!

– Kalyani Nagarkar

(Interior Designer, Photographer)

Simple yet Mesmerizing.!

Your style of writing and your use of words is such that everyone can relate to & understand your poems.  Your poems are both practical and extremely emotional. I love reading them.!

– Saanika Deokule

(Artist, Engineer)

Poems that inspire!

I feel that your poems are truly very beautiful. There’s a certain charm in the way you portray the emotions and the charm seems to connect the reader in the most amazing way possible! The thoughts that you put in your poems are truthful and equally beautiful. Keep writing such beautiful stuff. I’m sure they are an inspiration and the poems make my days often.!

Devika Biyani

(Artist, Architecture Student)