Become a poet.!

Every time that I read your poems, I feel that you should become a poet. You have a wonderful grip over words and I’m mesmerised by your writing. The way you express yourself; I always tend to think of me being in the situations you write about. These days you’ve started writing blogs, some of which I have read. They contain very good, updated & really useful information. You know very well how to catch an eye through your writing and you’ve always managed to catch my eye! I think you should start writing more in Marathi as well. I’d love to read your Marathi poems too!

Also keep writing such incredible & unique poems & keep posting them for us to read. I hope you achieve great success in this field & become a full-fledged writer/poet in the years to come! All the best!

– Siddhida Dixit

(Athlete, Swimmer)